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In-Studio Voice Lessons: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach?

The voice teacher (aka: singing teacher or vocal instructor) is the person who teaches you how to sing. A singing teacher will guide the voice through a series of vocal exercises and songs (repertoire) with the focus on vocal technique, rhythm, sight-singing, language, interpretation and expression. Most voice teachers have had training as a singer and/or taken vocal pedagogy courses.  

The vocal coach (aka: voice coach, collaborative pianist or accompanist) is the person who is not only your accompanist, but also will help you with your diction, interpretation and performance preparation. The vocal coach will expect a singer to arrive with notes learned, language translated, and an idea about how the song should be presented. During your coaching, they will give suggestions on what they hear and help the singer put it all together. Most vocal coaches are accompanists who have training in diction and repertoire.

How do I pick a good voice teacher?
What styles or genres do you teach?
Do you take beginners?
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How often are voice lessons?
Should I sign up for weekly 1/2 hour or 1 hour voice lessons?
How do group lessons work?
Can my first lesson be a trial to see if I like it?
What will my first voice lesson be like?
What will my other voice lessons be like?
How often should I practice voice?
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Can I watch my child's voice lesson?
I home school through a charter school and I would like to study with you, but you are not an approved vendor. Can I request you as a vendor?
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